Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

pondělí 6. prosince 2010

I hate lousy wankers!

Ok, as you know I have some great clips on If you haven't checked them out yet, do it now!
I get lots of emails commenting my videos. One guy called frenchyloser wrote to me:

Goddess Suzanne,
I bought your introduction clip today and i must say that it was worth each dollars
i spent on it. You're really perfection from head to toes and your face is the most 
beautiful i've ever seen in my entire life. You mesmerized me and that's the reason 
which push me to write you, after viewing five times your video and staring during one 
hour at your picture, i can feel the addiction growing and i'd like to know how i could get
the priviledge to serve you. 
I worship you

Ok nice but.... he wanted to be trained... which is what I like to do. Train my pets to become my most devoted slaves. But after I sent him the first lesson he didn't even bother to write me back.
What an easy task it was! In the beginning I give easy task and gradually the trainings become more intense. He couldn't do even the first one and before he was saying how he wants to be challenged.
What a fuck?? 
I hate such wankers who have no decency to even write back.
If you are not serious - don't even write me - I don't have time for this bullshit!
If I give you a task to do you have to complete it without  a blink of an eye. And without doubts. Understood???

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