Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

úterý 7. června 2011

Gianmarco from Italy

Hello boys, I havent blogged for quite a while, well, I have been quite busy with my boys, slaves and losers.
So now I want to show you an example of those losers who come to me and ask me to be blackmailed and then get shit scared. This is only one conversation, shorter version of it as it was quite long. Young boy, obviously he didnt really know what he wanted but I dont give a shit. I had so much fun chatting with him, laughed a lot. Well, I love my job! hahahaha! Enjoy reading! And before asking me to be bm, make sure you really know what you want. Or you may get it!!!
 Nico :    hi miss =)
i'm a moneyslave, i like blackmail and complete ruination
Me:       oh really? are you sure of that?  
               do u have anything to offer anyway?
Nico:    like??
Me:    what do you think?
Nico:    money??
Me:      what else?
Nico:     informations?   
Me:     of course money, informations too
but i want to know if you have any money or you have nothing bc i dont lose time with those who offer me 50 bucks or so, too many time wasters out there   
               so try to impress me!!
Nico:     do you want my info?? do i have any choice?
Me:        of course you have no choice if you want to talk to me any longer!
Nico:     mm and what if you find my info on the net ??
Me:    what do u mean on the net? like you think i will be searching for hours to find your info? cant    be bothered. you will give it to me!
Nico:   is it an order??
Me:     as i said, if you want to talk to me any longer, than its an order!
Nico:  don't you want a normal moneyslave?
Me:    i do, but thats not what u said, u said u wanted to be blackmailed and ruined. i asked you if you really want it. so now i see u dont. u were just talking like the others. but thats fine with me. at least i know now. but do u think u r capable of being normal moneyslave?
Nico:  i'm just trying to know you
               i like soo much the idea of being blackmailed
               and i can't believe a nice girl like you could be my ruin
Me:    nice girl? u better watch some of my videos
Nico:    you are not nice??
Me:    you know what, its quite obvious you dont know what you really want, so decide what you want and get back to me then!            
Nico:  no miss
i want a girl that obliging me to surrender to her all my info          
Me:   so why are you hesitating?
Nico:    because you have not obliged me             
Me:        and u know its not only about info?
               i want your photos too, in compromising positions           
and u can be sure i will check through skype its really you on those pics    
and maybe i will make a video of you
and in case you dont pay as i want, i will post it all over internet and i will send it to your work (of course i want your work info too)
Nico:   is it an order?
Me:    you start giving me your info or bye bye! so now, you full name, date of birth, address…. give it now!                   
Nico: gianmarco flore
Me:   birth date
Nico: 10/05/91
Me:    gosh, so young?  are u still a student?
Nico:    yes
Me:    well, do u even have any money?
               i dont accept broke losers
Nico:    i have a home value 150.000 euro and some money
Me:   is that home on your name?            
Nico:     yes
Me:     and what means "some money" in your terms?     
Nico:   i have 350/month
Me:   for yourself or to spend on me?     
Nico:     it's your decision miss
Me:   hmmm, good answer         
            so lets continue now, your full address      
Nico:  (gave me his address)
Me:   so now, ur school name
Nico:     am i already in trap??
Me:   getting there
Nico:  should i abe scared??        
Me:        i said: your school name! when i ask, u answer promptly! no questions asked. do u understand?
Nico:  liceo scientifico,   leonarda da vinci
Me:   what do u study?
Nico:     latin, matematic,italian english  
Me:     (now i got more info about his teachers etc.)
Nico:   is it too late to stop giving info??
Me:  quite as  im saving this conversation and i can find out their emails myself, but why should i bother? u will give them to me willingly. Do u have a girlfriend?
Nico: willingly? are you saying i have no choice??
Me: thats exactly what i am saying!
Nico:   oo shit!  
Me:        oh yes! Hahahaha
Nico:     do you think i'll have a normal life like my friends?            
Me:    you? no way! you are my puppet now!      
Nico:     no escape?? we have to discuss about the terms of blackmail      
Me:   discuss? hahahaha              
Nico: noo?? but why not?
Me:        what do u want to discuss? and u havent answered me: do u have a girlfriend?     
Nico:   the max credit you can take away from me            
yes i have           
Me:     so give me her full name and her email      (which he gave)
               max credit? didnt u mentioned you wanted to be ruined?
Nico:  oh shit!
Me:        so? did you or did you not?
Nico:   yes
Me:        so what max credit are talking about? max credit is everything!   
Nico:      ok my princess 
Me:    or you changed ur mind?  
Nico:   what if have i changed it??
Me:        really? did you?
Nico:   is it important??
Me:      yes, answer me
Nico:   no
Me:     good boy
Nico:  what if I answer i don't want it anymore??              
Me: too bad, now i want your photo, just any, and i will give you further instructions then
Nico:    do you like the idea of ruining a 20??       
Me:        for sure, i love the idea of ruining any loser who asks for it!          
              u only get what you want, and i have fun along the way, u came to me, i didnt come to u
Nico:     am i a loser?      
Me:        u r on the way to be one very soon
Nico:     youll take away all i have??         
Me:      stop asking the same shit over and over and send me those photos
Nico:     i've sent a photo miss, i'm asking but also doing what you want   
Me:    ok i got it just now, well, i would prefer without those glasses though          
but anyway, i will make you do better pics than that
Nico:      i' ve done a big mistake
Me:      u think so?
Nico:      yes       
Me:       too late now
so what i want from you now, u will take another photo, no glasses or hat, ur face will be fully visible, u will be only in ur underwear, and on ur chest u will write: lady suzanne owns me (u can do it with lipstick)      
Nico:  let me be free, im only 20, pleeease, im not happy
……he doesnt want to give me that photo, wants to give me his fb password instead but Im insisting on that photo….. he is begging and begging for mercy but I am having so much fun…. He feels the photo will be very disciminating and he is so fcking right! Hahahaha
Also he is trying to tell me he doesnt have a camera, gosh, he must be so desperate to tell me such a bullshit!
Me:         so u know what, u little wanker? this conversation will go to ur gf so that she knows what a wanker she has               
she will be surprised to find out who your talking to and what is ur fantasy            
               the only way to stop me from doing it is to send me money to my paypal account
… he is trying to tell me he has no money, hahahahaha….
Me:        i dont give a shit if u have or now, if you dont have, borrow         
               u said u have 350 a month and i can decide what u do with it, so now i do              
Nico:  borrow will leave me in debt         
… I give a shit! :D …..
Me:     maybe ur gf will loan you money  , hahahaha                        

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