Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

čtvrtek 29. září 2011

Story of a blackmailed slave

Here is the story of a blackmailed slave of Lady Suzanne… my story, as Lady Suzanne now is ordering me to write for exposure on her blog.
I first met Lady Suzanne from the internet since I was attracted by blackmail fantasy. Although I had only gave her my location and some details on my profession, she quickly came up with my name, the name of the University where I was and I am still teaching, the names of my colleagues and also the schedule of my students. .. along with their emails thanks to internet.
I pretty soon realized that I was completely owned by Lady Suzanne. She decided that I had to do everything she will order me during this academic year otherwise my dirty perversions will be exposed to my colleagues, students and family altogether.

The evening before my first class, I received email from Lady Suzanne. I was so scary opening it:
Hello Slave
I checked on your schedule that tomorrow you will start with a first year students. I want you to wear a tight jeans for your first class. Before the class you will pretend to enter the girls restroom by mistake. Then you will lock yourself  in a stal, remove your jeans and take off  your panties. I want you to give your first lecture with no underwear under your tight denim. And remember: if you don‘ t do it,  I will know it.
Do it !
The day after, I was somewhat seduced by the idea but I did not dare going into the girls restroom. So I just removed my pants in the men restroom. After that I gave my first lecture with an uncomfortable feeling, but it was ok. The afternoon I reported to Lady Suzanne by IM as requested:
Me: Mistress
Lady S: So what pet ?
Me: I did it !
Lady S: you are a liar who removed your underwear in the men‘s room !
Me, thinking how could she know, does she spy on me ?
Lady S: You disappointed me. Tomorrow you will give your class with a plug in your butt, and I want you to insert the plug in the women’s  restroom and stay there in the stal not less than 20 minutes face down and your bare butt up in the air with the plug shoved in your ass.
Me: I cannot do that Mistress
Lady S: Maybe you prefer to have our IM chats posted to your student‘s list prior to your next lecture? They could have fun, right ?
Me: Fine, I will do what you said but please do not email the students nor my colleagues
The day after, I did exactly what she asked. While I was  waiting 20 minutes with my plug and bare ass,
 I suddenly heard noise in the nearby stal and saw several flashes and click from a camera. I was taken in this position. The mysterious photographer ran immediately after the shot while I was recovering and putting my clothes on.
I was completely upset during the class. After that Lady Suzanne was not connected on IM but I had an email from her. I opened it and saw this horror - my pictures with the plug shoved in my ass and my face with an expression of terror and surprise, perfectly visible. Anyone can recognizes me one those three pictures
After two days of silence, I finally managed to meet Lady Suzanne on IM.
ME: How could you get those pictures? I want you to remove those pictures, it goes too far.
Lady S: What,  slut ? Never ever address me in this rude way, understand ? Or you want me to send those pictures to your dean of the department ?
ME: Sorry Mistress. I apologize.
Lady S: This is not enough. For your rudeness those cute pictures of you will be posted on my Blog during one week .
ME: but Mistress
Lady S: TWO weeks !
ME: Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress
Lady S: I just hope for you that my website is not popular among the students… You see I own you completely
ME: Yes Mistress
After that I was systematically asked by Lady Suzanne to give my lectures with no underwear or with a string at best. The last time she asked me to put my cell phone in a condom and to shove it deep in my ass instaed of the plug. Of course I was feared that it rings (I was not allowed to cut off the volume or use the vibe mode). This time there was a group of girls at the first row which was very unusual. They were looking at me with smiling or disgusting faces. Oh my god, I am sure they know…

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