Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

pátek 31. srpna 2012

Chastity challenge clip serie

Do you get turned on by the idea of being locked in chastity for your mistress? Its such a turn on, isnt it... I am giving you a great opportunity to be locked for me, I will be your keyholder.
At present I have several boys locked and I have their keys at home in my bed table, looking at them every night before going to sleep;) I love to tease my chastity bitches and I like them to suffer for me. But I decided to do something "nice" and cruel at the same time for them. I made a Chastity challenge clip serie where I let them open their chastity device once a week and I give them the chance to stroke their useless dicks. But if you decide to be locked for me or are already in chastity, I must warn you. Following my clip stroking orders won't be easy and you probably won't cum. You might be left with blue balls and no relief. Hahaha, just how I like it :D Suffer for me, bitch and buy all my Chastity challenge clips! Maybe you will be the lucky one to cum.

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