Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

středa 29. prosince 2010

I have a new house slave

So yesterday I hired a new house slave. He was begging me to serve for quite a while but I was not sure what use I could have of him. So I tried him to be my house cleaning slave. He came in yesterday, shaking, not knowing what to expect. I told him to strip down and put on a french maid outfit that I have. Omg - he looked so hilarious in it. He is short and a bit chubby and the dress is pretty short. His ass was coming out and every time he bended over I could see his asshole and his disgusting balls hanging down. Just too disgusting. So I made him wear light blue g strings so that I wouldn't throw up every time I looked at him.
Then he had to prove that he can clean well. Hmm - I must admit he was not bad at all, just a bit slow. I think next time he comes over I will put some chilly sauce on his asshole just to speed him up a little! Hahahaha! Seriously - I will do it! Wait for my next post what his reaction will be. Hope he will be flying like a rocket and the whole house will be clean within an hour. Anyway - I accepted him for a trial period so let's see how long he is gonna last;)

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