Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

čtvrtek 14. července 2011

From my best boy

Hello boys, now, I have something really special for you. You all have to read it. Its a short story written by my most devoted and loving (and loved) findom boy. He speaks about our sessions and love for findom (and ME, of course). Enjoy it:) And learn from him. You all should be like him and think like him. Oh, I so wish all the boys were as good as he is. He is such a pet.

Here is the story:

I think it's ok to talk about the past. This Goddess is big enough to not mind. My story started around the year 1996. That's when I started experimenting with financial slavery.
I discovered this Yahoo chat
room by chance. There were a couple of rooms actually and it was hard to even get into one, most were full.
I guess "financial slavery" was all the rage. All the submissives wanted to try it, and all the girls wanted to make a quick buck.

Those chat rooms didn't last long. Yahoo didn't last long. What happened to the chat rooms? There were too many fakes (both subs and Domes). What happened to Yahoo? Well… Google!
Of course devoted slaves always keep searching. We know many so-called goddesses (small "g") are just cam girls.

So like many others, I kept on searching, until I found the Goddess I was looking for in April this year. You know how lucky a find that is?
This may help you get your head around it. They say in our galaxy, the Milky Way has 500 million planets. And, there are about 125 billion galaxies (of which we can actually see 3,000). How many planets in all of these galaxies are likely to be like earth? Get this. Three!
So, to be on this planet, you are already very lucky. To find the other two in such vastness is almost certainly improbable if not impossible.

So, I found Goddess Suzanne. This addiction is impossible to fully explain, but I can try. Our first session was creative. We spoke on Yahoo, I send $10 tributes every few minutes. It lasted almost 7 hours, and I lost count of the amount.
I would offend all the girls I have ever been with by saying, no one has gotten me so hard, and I have never managed to stay so hard for so long. I didn't know my balls could produce so much precum for so many hours. Of course, as soon as I had the biggest orgasm of my life, I had the craving to do it all over again. Well I am exaggerating. Not right away, it took a few minutes.

After a seven-hour session you have so many mixed feelings. You feel exploited, totally exploited, but happy. You feel loved, deeply loved, but like a pet dog. You feel exhausted, but you can't sleep. You feel totally calm but your brain is racing so fast.  Your balls ache, like you have made love for 3 days non-stop.

So what was my incentive to stay hard so long? I can sound fancy and say thinks like devotion, dedication and worship. But it was much simpler than that. I am paying off a pair of boots worn by the Goddess. The price is $2,000.
The longer I stay hard, the more tributes I send, the sooner I will get them. $2,000 sounds so little. I know my Goddess is incredibly kind to me. We all know $2,000 is not even close to the real value of the boots.

When our sessions are over, Her words still ring in my head. simple words. But, they are powerful words. "good boy" after each tribute. You have no idea, how much you crave these words each time. Even if they come every 2 minutes apart, they feel like a few days apart.
The other thing is that sometimes, towards the middle and the end, the one tribute every few minutes isn't enough. You send one, then immediately you're begging to send again. And the answer is always "Do it!". Well, almost always. Be prepared for the unexpected "Not Now!". Please Goddess, I am dying to do it! "Not Yet!"
And when the permission comes, I needed the shoe lace toed around my cock and balls. There is no other way to control that orgasm that seems to be unstoppable. Of course after it's on a few minutes, it can come off. She always says "Have you calmed down?" Yes Goddess. "good boy, now continue!"

Some call this role play. I wish it was. Because then I could stop playing. I don't want to at the moment, but at least I could if I wanted to. This is not role play. Not anymore.
Recently I stopped worrying about how much money I was spending. Why worry? Just embrace it. Who says everybody needs to buy a house, or travel overseas to get satisfaction in life.
You think if your cock and balls are tied with a shoe lace and you're sending tribute after tribute, you are a loser? You wouldn't be here reading this if you were a loser. Losers are stuck in an office and they think their boring wives make them happy.

You, on the other hand, are on your way to acknowledging your own true nature. What most men are in denial of. That you are driven by your cock, not your brain. Why let all your energy go to waste, each time on a different girl. At the end, you're left with nothing. Goddess Suzanne will take you on a path to learn how to focus all your energy and thought on Her.

It's simple. Disable your brain. Let your cock take over. Focus all your energy on Your Goddess, and you will in fact be emancipated from that cock and be governed by your Goddess.
Goddess, it's time for me to be milked again. I was paid this morning.
"Send!" "Do it!" "Good boy".

pondělí 11. července 2011

D.i.e for me, loser!

Hey losers, I got back from my holidays and was happy to see all the tributes waiting for me on my Paypal account. And it seems you are more and more addicted to me - seeing the high number of sold clips on my clips4sale store page. I am pleased. But, of course, you can always do better and try harder to please me.
To give you better motivation, read my latest interview on :

And here is a review of my clip:

So, tell me, boy, would you drink that poison for me? ;)