Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

středa 18. července 2012

Entertain me, pervert

As you know, many of my clips include tasks and instructions. My humiliation clip called "Entertain me, pervert" is not different. Now I am giving you a priviledge to read a letter and see photos of a loser who followed my instructions. He really entertained me. And what about you, losers? Do you have the nuts to follow my instructions and entertain me? I am waiting!!!

Dear Lady Suzanne,

In the beginning of june i bought some clips from your clips4sale store. Usually I am only watching and imagining to follow through the given orders as the imagination gets me pretty excited but I never can bring myself to do any of the tasks as actually really doing them kinda disgusts me.
This time I decided to go a step further and comply.
So here is how it went:
The first big step was buying the doll. I didn't think that this would be that hard as I made up a story before (getting this as gag for a party – I know, not to brilliant) but I still ended up walking around in the shop for 20 minutes till I found the courage to grab one and go to the cash desk.
The clerk didn't even ask though, she didn't seem to care at all to be honest but I still could almost feel myself blushing.
When I arrived back home the fun part - at least I thought that would be the fun part - could start.
I blew her up while watching your video again.
Did I already mention that you once more looked absolutely gorgeous in that video?
So I was quite aroused sitting there with my now blown up doll, but somehow I couldn't do it.
It suddenly felt so embarrassing to only think about it.
I watched your video again in hope it would give me the motivation I needed but then decided to go the other route.
If i'd be only allowed to enjoy myself with my new “friend” for the next 10 days I would chose not to enjoy myself at all. Well only once that is as I still had to provide the pictures.
So I scheduled my “date” for the 6th day and started my new, abstinent life.
When it arrived I was really desperate but I still couldn't do it as it felt to humiliating. On the 10th day there were no more excuses. I never felt that ashamed before in my life. The crazy thing was – I also never came that fast before in my life.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, had to make them in my home office with my webcam, therefore the weird environment.
Have a nice summer,
kind regards

PS Have this email now open for several hours now. Sending those pictures, knowing someone else will see them is even more humiliating than the process of making them was.