Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

středa 29. prosince 2010

I have a new house slave

So yesterday I hired a new house slave. He was begging me to serve for quite a while but I was not sure what use I could have of him. So I tried him to be my house cleaning slave. He came in yesterday, shaking, not knowing what to expect. I told him to strip down and put on a french maid outfit that I have. Omg - he looked so hilarious in it. He is short and a bit chubby and the dress is pretty short. His ass was coming out and every time he bended over I could see his asshole and his disgusting balls hanging down. Just too disgusting. So I made him wear light blue g strings so that I wouldn't throw up every time I looked at him.
Then he had to prove that he can clean well. Hmm - I must admit he was not bad at all, just a bit slow. I think next time he comes over I will put some chilly sauce on his asshole just to speed him up a little! Hahahaha! Seriously - I will do it! Wait for my next post what his reaction will be. Hope he will be flying like a rocket and the whole house will be clean within an hour. Anyway - I accepted him for a trial period so let's see how long he is gonna last;)

čtvrtek 16. prosince 2010

Check out my new site;)

Hello my pets.
Finally I finished creating my new site. So check it out. I accept your suggestions how to improve my site and make it better and more attractive.
The address is

And don't forget to check out my clips4sale store. I'm adding new clips often.

pondělí 6. prosince 2010

I hate lousy wankers!

Ok, as you know I have some great clips on If you haven't checked them out yet, do it now!
I get lots of emails commenting my videos. One guy called frenchyloser wrote to me:

Goddess Suzanne,
I bought your introduction clip today and i must say that it was worth each dollars
i spent on it. You're really perfection from head to toes and your face is the most 
beautiful i've ever seen in my entire life. You mesmerized me and that's the reason 
which push me to write you, after viewing five times your video and staring during one 
hour at your picture, i can feel the addiction growing and i'd like to know how i could get
the priviledge to serve you. 
I worship you

Ok nice but.... he wanted to be trained... which is what I like to do. Train my pets to become my most devoted slaves. But after I sent him the first lesson he didn't even bother to write me back.
What an easy task it was! In the beginning I give easy task and gradually the trainings become more intense. He couldn't do even the first one and before he was saying how he wants to be challenged.
What a fuck?? 
I hate such wankers who have no decency to even write back.
If you are not serious - don't even write me - I don't have time for this bullshit!
If I give you a task to do you have to complete it without  a blink of an eye. And without doubts. Understood???

sobota 4. prosince 2010

I'm finally here my fools!

So - this is my first post in this blog. I am Lady Suzanne and I am here to introduce you to the world of financial domination. I am young, beautiful and very smart. I am an expert in money draining, humiliation and blackmailing. I am a very dominant lady and I always have to get what I want. I am a published fashion model as well as a passionate fetishist. I love being spoiled by expensive gifts, jewelry and lingerie. I am currently accepting applications for money slaves. But this position is not for everyone. You have to be really hard working and dedicated. I don't accept students with empty pockets and broke losers with no money to spend on me. Remember - I am expensive and exclusive!
If you are ready and willing to serve and dedicate your life to a truly high class and gorgeous lady, then send me an email to
If you are just a wanker - don't bother to write to me and get lost; I will know right away you are not serious enough to serve me.