Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

středa 26. září 2012

24 hrs session with me

What a great weekend I had. I made one slave very very happy. He has been my slave for over 2 years, shopping for me, driving me around when I needed a driver, working in my garden…. He got some attention from me but never a session that lasted longer than an hour. He was begging to spend 24hrs with me for quite some time, offering me lots of money (which he was giving me anyway, haha), but I didnt feel he was quite ready to spend a full day with me. Until the last weekend.

I felt the time was right. I called him on Friday and told him the good news. He already had plans for the weekend but cancelled them immediatelly, of course. I wouldnt expect anything else. If he didnt use this chance, I wouldnt give him any other chance.

We met on Saturday evening in an expensive restaurant. I was wearing my red dress which I got from my favourite  Italian slave, black stilleto heels and my Agent Provocateur lingerie which I wear only for special occasions. When he saw me walk into the restaurant, I thought he had a heartattack. Hahaha, I will never forget the look on his face. I must admit I looked exceptionaly hot. I had my hair done, beautiful make up on….I looked like a supermodel ;) I was thinking…oh my god, he is gonna cum right there in the restaurant. He was breathing heavily, touching his crotch all the time, I could see his dick was hard as a rock (yes, he has a big dick). I was feeling very flirtatious. I love tease and denial, I love making men crazy and then give them nothing. Its such a turn on for me. Well… dinner went well and was very enjoyable for me. Food was great, conversation was flowing. He is very smart men, a well known lawyer in my town, but sooo weak in my presence. So submissive. I love seeing him on his knees.

After we got home, I was so in a mood for a hot bath. He prepared the bath for me and I made him kneel in the bathroom corner while taking my clothes off. He was not allowed to have a peek at my naked body. After about 10 mins in the bathtub I told him to put the blindfold on and wash my back. He was so excited, his hands were trembling, his dick was very hard and dripping with precum. He kneeled in front of the bathtub and started washing my back. He could feel my soft skin but couldnt see anything. I couldnt resist to tease him even more and grabbed his dick and stroked it for about a minute. I told him he cant cum otherwise I will kick him out immediatelly. Hahaha, it took him lots of self control not to cum. When I was done with the bath, I ordered him to towel dry my body. Only my feet remained wet and he had to lick every last drop of water off them. Only after I got dressed, he could remove his blindfold. 

After a long evening I felt like watching some TV and I used him as a footstool. The poor horny boy (I call all my slaves „boy“) was on his knees and hands for over an hour. With a hard on! Gosh, his dick and balls had to be so sore after so many hours of erection and without any relief.

It was late at night and I got very sleep. It was time to move to the bedroom. I got into my big, comfy bed and he layed down on the floor next to me, no pillow, no blanket. I didnt feel like making him too comfy, the carpet on the floor was too much comfort for him already anyway.

In the morning I woke up first and saw that my boy was still sleeping. „Hmmm, no way you will sleep longer than me!“ I stepped on his back with my bare feet and he woke up immediatelly. „Get on your knees and kiss my feet!“ Oh gosh, he got hard in like a second. He kissed my feet and ran to the kitchen to prepare a breakfast for his Madame, Me, Lady Suzanne.

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