Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

sobota 10. listopadu 2012

Total orgasm control

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones following my total orgasm control programm. How is it going for you, wanker? Are you permanently erected? :D
One of my worshippers sent me his weekly report how he follows through and I felt I should share his story with you. So here it is:

The first week is over now. I have to admit I sometimes rubbed myself from the outside with my pants on, because it is a sort of automatical movement.
I even feel guilty about and when I realized I put my hand back. While at work or in the evening when I was out in a bar I had erections many times. I really 
felt it through my pants. It was screaming for a touch and everytime I had to think about You and my situation and that turned me on even more.

Saturday: I was thankful there were only 2 days between my orgasms. I had a nice, intensive one, but I wished I was allowed to jerk more than 5 minutes
and I especially missed to be a puppet for one in of Your clips. I realize now I am addicted to them and miss so much to follow every command in them and
get to cum or not in the end. But I didn't dare to buy any clip, since it would make it so much harder for me, to not stroke.

Monday: Monday was not so lucky. I desperately looked at the clock in the morning. The thing is in my job I have a lot to do with customers and sometimes
have to react immediately on things. Also I speak a lot to people and I never know how long a conversation will be. To make it short, I was shocked when I
noticed I missed the 5 minute time frame and then realized I wouldn't cum today at all.

Wednesday: I tried everything and prepared myself. It is not possible for me to jerk of in the toilet of my office and my room at work is also not an
option. So I went home and was in time. It was an intensive relieve and after that I felt humiliated by it. I felt helpless and controlled and to leave my
work just to wank is making me feel like a pervert. Even if I put pantiessoaked with pee on my face and sent You a picture of it, this feeling is far more
intensive and degrading.

And how are you doing with the program? Send me an email:

If you haven't joined it yet, go here and buy the Total orgasm control clip.
For those who are too addicted to stroking and are just weak losers and wankers with a very weak self control ability, buy Total orgasm control - bonus. It will make the programm easier and more bearable. (And that's exactly what I don't want, hahahaaaaaaa) 


středa 26. září 2012

24 hrs session with me

What a great weekend I had. I made one slave very very happy. He has been my slave for over 2 years, shopping for me, driving me around when I needed a driver, working in my garden…. He got some attention from me but never a session that lasted longer than an hour. He was begging to spend 24hrs with me for quite some time, offering me lots of money (which he was giving me anyway, haha), but I didnt feel he was quite ready to spend a full day with me. Until the last weekend.

I felt the time was right. I called him on Friday and told him the good news. He already had plans for the weekend but cancelled them immediatelly, of course. I wouldnt expect anything else. If he didnt use this chance, I wouldnt give him any other chance.

We met on Saturday evening in an expensive restaurant. I was wearing my red dress which I got from my favourite  Italian slave, black stilleto heels and my Agent Provocateur lingerie which I wear only for special occasions. When he saw me walk into the restaurant, I thought he had a heartattack. Hahaha, I will never forget the look on his face. I must admit I looked exceptionaly hot. I had my hair done, beautiful make up on….I looked like a supermodel ;) I was thinking…oh my god, he is gonna cum right there in the restaurant. He was breathing heavily, touching his crotch all the time, I could see his dick was hard as a rock (yes, he has a big dick). I was feeling very flirtatious. I love tease and denial, I love making men crazy and then give them nothing. Its such a turn on for me. Well… dinner went well and was very enjoyable for me. Food was great, conversation was flowing. He is very smart men, a well known lawyer in my town, but sooo weak in my presence. So submissive. I love seeing him on his knees.

After we got home, I was so in a mood for a hot bath. He prepared the bath for me and I made him kneel in the bathroom corner while taking my clothes off. He was not allowed to have a peek at my naked body. After about 10 mins in the bathtub I told him to put the blindfold on and wash my back. He was so excited, his hands were trembling, his dick was very hard and dripping with precum. He kneeled in front of the bathtub and started washing my back. He could feel my soft skin but couldnt see anything. I couldnt resist to tease him even more and grabbed his dick and stroked it for about a minute. I told him he cant cum otherwise I will kick him out immediatelly. Hahaha, it took him lots of self control not to cum. When I was done with the bath, I ordered him to towel dry my body. Only my feet remained wet and he had to lick every last drop of water off them. Only after I got dressed, he could remove his blindfold. 

After a long evening I felt like watching some TV and I used him as a footstool. The poor horny boy (I call all my slaves „boy“) was on his knees and hands for over an hour. With a hard on! Gosh, his dick and balls had to be so sore after so many hours of erection and without any relief.

It was late at night and I got very sleep. It was time to move to the bedroom. I got into my big, comfy bed and he layed down on the floor next to me, no pillow, no blanket. I didnt feel like making him too comfy, the carpet on the floor was too much comfort for him already anyway.

In the morning I woke up first and saw that my boy was still sleeping. „Hmmm, no way you will sleep longer than me!“ I stepped on his back with my bare feet and he woke up immediatelly. „Get on your knees and kiss my feet!“ Oh gosh, he got hard in like a second. He kissed my feet and ran to the kitchen to prepare a breakfast for his Madame, Me, Lady Suzanne.

……… do you want to know how the day went? Then go to my store and buy the clip where I tell you the rest…..

And if you want to experience such a session with me, contact me on my email. Its gonna cost you, I am not cheap. And I only except well behaved, well mannered, obedient, succesfull slaves. I dont meet losers in real life. If you are a loser, you can serve me online only but I will never meet you. Or you can buy my clips and wank your little dicks to them and imagine what it woul be like to meet me. Keep dreaming;)

pátek 31. srpna 2012

Chastity challenge clip serie

Do you get turned on by the idea of being locked in chastity for your mistress? Its such a turn on, isnt it... I am giving you a great opportunity to be locked for me, I will be your keyholder.
At present I have several boys locked and I have their keys at home in my bed table, looking at them every night before going to sleep;) I love to tease my chastity bitches and I like them to suffer for me. But I decided to do something "nice" and cruel at the same time for them. I made a Chastity challenge clip serie where I let them open their chastity device once a week and I give them the chance to stroke their useless dicks. But if you decide to be locked for me or are already in chastity, I must warn you. Following my clip stroking orders won't be easy and you probably won't cum. You might be left with blue balls and no relief. Hahaha, just how I like it :D Suffer for me, bitch and buy all my Chastity challenge clips! Maybe you will be the lucky one to cum.

středa 18. července 2012

Entertain me, pervert

As you know, many of my clips include tasks and instructions. My humiliation clip called "Entertain me, pervert" is not different. Now I am giving you a priviledge to read a letter and see photos of a loser who followed my instructions. He really entertained me. And what about you, losers? Do you have the nuts to follow my instructions and entertain me? I am waiting!!!

Dear Lady Suzanne,

In the beginning of june i bought some clips from your clips4sale store. Usually I am only watching and imagining to follow through the given orders as the imagination gets me pretty excited but I never can bring myself to do any of the tasks as actually really doing them kinda disgusts me.
This time I decided to go a step further and comply.
So here is how it went:
The first big step was buying the doll. I didn't think that this would be that hard as I made up a story before (getting this as gag for a party – I know, not to brilliant) but I still ended up walking around in the shop for 20 minutes till I found the courage to grab one and go to the cash desk.
The clerk didn't even ask though, she didn't seem to care at all to be honest but I still could almost feel myself blushing.
When I arrived back home the fun part - at least I thought that would be the fun part - could start.
I blew her up while watching your video again.
Did I already mention that you once more looked absolutely gorgeous in that video?
So I was quite aroused sitting there with my now blown up doll, but somehow I couldn't do it.
It suddenly felt so embarrassing to only think about it.
I watched your video again in hope it would give me the motivation I needed but then decided to go the other route.
If i'd be only allowed to enjoy myself with my new “friend” for the next 10 days I would chose not to enjoy myself at all. Well only once that is as I still had to provide the pictures.
So I scheduled my “date” for the 6th day and started my new, abstinent life.
When it arrived I was really desperate but I still couldn't do it as it felt to humiliating. On the 10th day there were no more excuses. I never felt that ashamed before in my life. The crazy thing was – I also never came that fast before in my life.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, had to make them in my home office with my webcam, therefore the weird environment.
Have a nice summer,
kind regards

PS Have this email now open for several hours now. Sending those pictures, knowing someone else will see them is even more humiliating than the process of making them was.

úterý 8. května 2012

Some news

Hello boys, there are few things you can read about me on
First, read a review of my new chastity clip called Wife knows here
Another exciting news is that has started a daily twitter-generated paper, click here to read it.

I am bringing you a great new clip serie called 7 sins. Every week you will find in my store 3 clips dedicated to one of the sins. I am sure all of you, boys, will find a clip you will like and can stroke to;)
Go to my store to get the first clip called Proud of being a Goddess.

And the last news today is that my clip called Hunger Games - Dark Katniss hunts her male prey!
is my second best selling clip. Go to this store to get the first part of it and wait for more clips to come. I am not done with you yet! :D


neděle 8. dubna 2012

New posts on

Hello boys, read new posts about ME on my favourite femdom site

Read about my "Choose your suicide" clip serie HERE

Read a review of my newest femdom masturbation instrucion clip HERE

úterý 27. března 2012

Pay or you are screwed

Hello boys,
I am sure you noticed one of my newest findom clips in my c4s store called Pay or you are screwed.
The clip is selling a lot, I guess the strong warning in it made you really curious and you couldn't resist, haha.
I must say that I am serious about everything I say in the clip so be careful!
Few of you, retards, who thought you can buy such a blackmail clip and don't follow my orders and don't pay,  already got my email with the first warning. I randomly pick those losers I blackmail, I can't be bothered with everyone who buys the clip as they are many. But I was pleased to see some of you have discipline and sent the amount I asked for immediatelly. I guess those boys already know that I am a powerful woman and what I am capable of ;)

A loser from Finland was shocked how I could find out so much info about him and promptly paid triple amount just so that I leave him alone. Of course he doesn't want his wife to know about his perverted fantasies. Would you like your wife or girlfriend or your boss to know what you are into? I guess not, haha!

Another Greek loser I picked as my victim is not willing to pay so his wife will get a very interesting email today. I will not wait until he decides to follow my orders. I don't need his pennies. Sometimes I just prefer to be evil, haha! Its sooo entertaining to think about what his wife will tell him. I hope she will kick him out of the house because he is a real retard.

There are several other losers on my list, so if you are the one who bought this clip, you can only hope you are not the „chosen one“. Actually, I recommend you to pay immediatelly if you want to have a peaceful sleep in the next few days. Because you never know when my warning email comes! And maybe I will not even send it to you but straight to your wife, hahahaaaaaaaaaa :D

pondělí 12. března 2012

2000 euro Sunday lunch

Its been some time since I wrote in my blog. Not because I have nothing to write but because I am just lazy to write :) But I will be updating more often, I promise (not) hahaha!

What a great weekend I had.
First we had a school reunion on Saturday and it was so much fun, we partied till early morning.
Gosh, it was difficult to wake up the next day. But when I thought about what was waiting for me ;), it was so much easier to jump out of bed and get ready for my date.
Date with a slave who came all the way from Vienna to meet me just for lunch.

This boy has been my online slave for about 6 months. Not rich but very devoted. He was saving every extra euro just to be able to meet me in person. It was difficult, because he is not making much and he has been sending regular tributes and gifts as well, of course. Boys alwas have to pay for my attention!
Some days he had only one meal a day just to save more for me.

Euro after euro, he was able to save 2000 euro. What an achievement for such a poor boy. But his dream finally came true - his dream to meet me. And it happened on Sunday.
We met in an expensive restaurant, he brought a flower, gift (new shoes) and an envelope. Hmmmm.....;)
I was dressed in a classy dress, stockings and high heels... I looked hot as always.
His erection during the whole lunch proved it, hahaha! Poor guy, he could hardly eat how nervous and hard he was :D After delicious meal and dessert I decided to make him happy.... took off my high heels and put my foot into his crotch... He was so excited, it took him about 10 seconds to cum in his pants, hahaha, so hillarious. He squeeled like a pig and got attention from all the people in the restaurant.  I really had to laugh!
He came so much, he had a bit wet stain on his crotch ... well, I kept him without an orgasm for the whole one month before our meeting, so his balls were really full.

And what else? Not much, really. I went home 2000 euro richer and he went home by train with a white stain on his pants. I didnt allow him to clean it. And today he started saving to take me for lunch again ;)

I just love devoted boys like this one. Saving every euro just to make me happy.
Boys, its good to have a goal in life. Because if you work hard enough and if you focus, you can achieve anything you want!

Your Lady Suzanne