Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

sobota 10. listopadu 2012

Total orgasm control

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones following my total orgasm control programm. How is it going for you, wanker? Are you permanently erected? :D
One of my worshippers sent me his weekly report how he follows through and I felt I should share his story with you. So here it is:

The first week is over now. I have to admit I sometimes rubbed myself from the outside with my pants on, because it is a sort of automatical movement.
I even feel guilty about and when I realized I put my hand back. While at work or in the evening when I was out in a bar I had erections many times. I really 
felt it through my pants. It was screaming for a touch and everytime I had to think about You and my situation and that turned me on even more.

Saturday: I was thankful there were only 2 days between my orgasms. I had a nice, intensive one, but I wished I was allowed to jerk more than 5 minutes
and I especially missed to be a puppet for one in of Your clips. I realize now I am addicted to them and miss so much to follow every command in them and
get to cum or not in the end. But I didn't dare to buy any clip, since it would make it so much harder for me, to not stroke.

Monday: Monday was not so lucky. I desperately looked at the clock in the morning. The thing is in my job I have a lot to do with customers and sometimes
have to react immediately on things. Also I speak a lot to people and I never know how long a conversation will be. To make it short, I was shocked when I
noticed I missed the 5 minute time frame and then realized I wouldn't cum today at all.

Wednesday: I tried everything and prepared myself. It is not possible for me to jerk of in the toilet of my office and my room at work is also not an
option. So I went home and was in time. It was an intensive relieve and after that I felt humiliated by it. I felt helpless and controlled and to leave my
work just to wank is making me feel like a pervert. Even if I put pantiessoaked with pee on my face and sent You a picture of it, this feeling is far more
intensive and degrading.

And how are you doing with the program? Send me an email:

If you haven't joined it yet, go here and buy the Total orgasm control clip.
For those who are too addicted to stroking and are just weak losers and wankers with a very weak self control ability, buy Total orgasm control - bonus. It will make the programm easier and more bearable. (And that's exactly what I don't want, hahahaaaaaaa)