Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

pondělí 5. května 2014

My new pc

My long time money slave Peter made me very happy today and bought me a pre - birthday gift - a new Vaio pc. Don't forget, my bday is on the 19th of May, you still have time to contact me about what I want. I don't have any wishlist on my site but I have my favourite sites where I shop and I know exactly what I want. So I can drain your wallet very quickly and effectively:D
Of course, you don't have to wait for my bday, you can and should!! buy me gifts and send me tributes often. After all, that's the only thing you are good for - making sure your Goddess is happy and has all she wants. So do your best, boys! Make me happy. NOW!


My panties make you smarter - clip

Your parents are paying me lots of money for tutoring and you are not making much progress. I think I have to use my special method how to make you smarter. I will take my panties off and you will sniff them. You will inhale deeply the feminine scent, this will balance your young hormones and make you smarter. Just try, inhale deeply .... you see? You are already making a progress. I will make them wetter for you now, I will wipe my wet pussy with them and you will keep them with you and every time you need to solve something and get smarter, you will inhale the scent of my pussy juice. And in one week I will bring you a fresh pair of panties ...;) .... PANTY FETISH, ROLE PLAY, TEACHER FETISH BUY THIS CLIP HERE

středa 5. března 2014

My deadly cum

Do you want me to take you to heaven?;) Oh yes, of course you do. And I know exactly how to do it. First I take my panties off, spread my legs, you get on your knees, between my legs and then ... lick my pussy while stroking your cock. You are one step in heaven already:) Do you feel how wet I am? Imagine how much juice there is when I cum. Oh yeah, eat my pussy like this, it feels so good. Soon I am gonna cum in your mouth ... oops, you look so ... ehm, d.ead! Did I forget to tell you that my cum is de.adly? Hahaha! No, of course I didn't forget. But a horny wanker and a loser like you doesn't deserve anything else but between my legs. By the way, you are not the first and definitely not the last....

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Very painful session

Clip request: You tell me to grab a leather belt and start to whip my balls with it hard and fast over and over again, while you humiliate me and laugh at me. Then you command me to put 1 metal clamp on each nipple and leave them there. Then you continue with your painful plans. You command me to take a mousetrap and set it and then put the head of my cock (repeatedly) in the mouse trap, to bring the tears out. Then you let me take the mousetrap and the clamps off and …(details in the clip) „You know what gives me most pleasure loser, when you are at your limit for what you can handle and I just force you to beg for more even pain. So beg loser!“ You command me to hit my balls with the leather belt buckle (at least 30 times) until you feel satisfied, Goddess Suzanne.... CBT, BALL ABUSE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, BDSM INSTRUCTION, FEMALE DOMINATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION

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Playful panties clip

Do you want to see my panties, wanker? Then beg me, haha:D And maybe I will even take them off and ... show you my pussy ... maybe;) Do you want to get between my legs and sniff my panties while I am still wearing them? Or should I take them off and then you can bury your nose into them and inhale deeply? Ok, I will remove my panties, but you have to pay me 10 usd. Only then you can see ... well, that's a surprise;) ... this is a very playful, seductive and teasing panties clip, you can almost smell the amazing scent of my used, stained panties, just taken off of my wet pussy. Do you want to own a pair? Keep dreaming:D

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