Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

úterý 27. března 2012

Pay or you are screwed

Hello boys,
I am sure you noticed one of my newest findom clips in my c4s store called Pay or you are screwed.
The clip is selling a lot, I guess the strong warning in it made you really curious and you couldn't resist, haha.
I must say that I am serious about everything I say in the clip so be careful!
Few of you, retards, who thought you can buy such a blackmail clip and don't follow my orders and don't pay,  already got my email with the first warning. I randomly pick those losers I blackmail, I can't be bothered with everyone who buys the clip as they are many. But I was pleased to see some of you have discipline and sent the amount I asked for immediatelly. I guess those boys already know that I am a powerful woman and what I am capable of ;)

A loser from Finland was shocked how I could find out so much info about him and promptly paid triple amount just so that I leave him alone. Of course he doesn't want his wife to know about his perverted fantasies. Would you like your wife or girlfriend or your boss to know what you are into? I guess not, haha!

Another Greek loser I picked as my victim is not willing to pay so his wife will get a very interesting email today. I will not wait until he decides to follow my orders. I don't need his pennies. Sometimes I just prefer to be evil, haha! Its sooo entertaining to think about what his wife will tell him. I hope she will kick him out of the house because he is a real retard.

There are several other losers on my list, so if you are the one who bought this clip, you can only hope you are not the „chosen one“. Actually, I recommend you to pay immediatelly if you want to have a peaceful sleep in the next few days. Because you never know when my warning email comes! And maybe I will not even send it to you but straight to your wife, hahahaaaaaaaaaa :D

pondělí 12. března 2012

2000 euro Sunday lunch

Its been some time since I wrote in my blog. Not because I have nothing to write but because I am just lazy to write :) But I will be updating more often, I promise (not) hahaha!

What a great weekend I had.
First we had a school reunion on Saturday and it was so much fun, we partied till early morning.
Gosh, it was difficult to wake up the next day. But when I thought about what was waiting for me ;), it was so much easier to jump out of bed and get ready for my date.
Date with a slave who came all the way from Vienna to meet me just for lunch.

This boy has been my online slave for about 6 months. Not rich but very devoted. He was saving every extra euro just to be able to meet me in person. It was difficult, because he is not making much and he has been sending regular tributes and gifts as well, of course. Boys alwas have to pay for my attention!
Some days he had only one meal a day just to save more for me.

Euro after euro, he was able to save 2000 euro. What an achievement for such a poor boy. But his dream finally came true - his dream to meet me. And it happened on Sunday.
We met in an expensive restaurant, he brought a flower, gift (new shoes) and an envelope. Hmmmm.....;)
I was dressed in a classy dress, stockings and high heels... I looked hot as always.
His erection during the whole lunch proved it, hahaha! Poor guy, he could hardly eat how nervous and hard he was :D After delicious meal and dessert I decided to make him happy.... took off my high heels and put my foot into his crotch... He was so excited, it took him about 10 seconds to cum in his pants, hahaha, so hillarious. He squeeled like a pig and got attention from all the people in the restaurant.  I really had to laugh!
He came so much, he had a bit wet stain on his crotch ... well, I kept him without an orgasm for the whole one month before our meeting, so his balls were really full.

And what else? Not much, really. I went home 2000 euro richer and he went home by train with a white stain on his pants. I didnt allow him to clean it. And today he started saving to take me for lunch again ;)

I just love devoted boys like this one. Saving every euro just to make me happy.
Boys, its good to have a goal in life. Because if you work hard enough and if you focus, you can achieve anything you want!

Your Lady Suzanne