Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

středa 5. března 2014

Very painful session

Clip request: You tell me to grab a leather belt and start to whip my balls with it hard and fast over and over again, while you humiliate me and laugh at me. Then you command me to put 1 metal clamp on each nipple and leave them there. Then you continue with your painful plans. You command me to take a mousetrap and set it and then put the head of my cock (repeatedly) in the mouse trap, to bring the tears out. Then you let me take the mousetrap and the clamps off and …(details in the clip) „You know what gives me most pleasure loser, when you are at your limit for what you can handle and I just force you to beg for more even pain. So beg loser!“ You command me to hit my balls with the leather belt buckle (at least 30 times) until you feel satisfied, Goddess Suzanne.... CBT, BALL ABUSE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, BDSM INSTRUCTION, FEMALE DOMINATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION

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