Lady Suzanne

Lady Suzanne

pondělí 5. května 2014

My panties make you smarter - clip

Your parents are paying me lots of money for tutoring and you are not making much progress. I think I have to use my special method how to make you smarter. I will take my panties off and you will sniff them. You will inhale deeply the feminine scent, this will balance your young hormones and make you smarter. Just try, inhale deeply .... you see? You are already making a progress. I will make them wetter for you now, I will wipe my wet pussy with them and you will keep them with you and every time you need to solve something and get smarter, you will inhale the scent of my pussy juice. And in one week I will bring you a fresh pair of panties ...;) .... PANTY FETISH, ROLE PLAY, TEACHER FETISH BUY THIS CLIP HERE

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